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Many Options, One Focus

Looking to improve your Information Security position?

S?nnet Beskerming provides a number of viable solutions, from the home user, through to the major corporate and government user. There are many options available, but all are focussed on providing you with the best possible Information Security.

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What Package Should I Look For?

In order to supply the best services and products across the greatest possible range, S?nnet Beskerming has broken down the delivery of each solution into a number of bands:

Home and Microbusiness Users (<5 employees) -
It is an unfortunate fact that many users at this end of the scale either are using no Information and data security tools, or have had poor experiences with current offerings that are targeted for the 'home user'. S?nnet Beskerming has tailored service delivery to allow these users to gain the same benefits as companies that have multi-million dollar service agreements. Delivering almost the complete range of services available, S?nnet Beskerming can provide suitable support and advice to a business as it grows into a much larger entity.

Small to Medium Enterprise Users (5 - 200 employees) -
Information and data security services have been overlooked by the Small to Medium Enterprise for too long. Compounding the issue has been security vendors not delivering a suitable solution that meets the needs of the Small to Medium Enterprise customer. That changes now. S?nnet Beskerming has created and shaped services and pricing structures that allow businesses of this size to gain the same sort of protection and focus as large companies and governments have been used to.

Corporate & Government Users -
With the greatest risk of data and value loss as a result of Information or data security breaches, major corporate and government entities have a need to obtain the absolute best in Information Security advice and guidance. S?nnet Beskerming provides the best solutions, with the most timely and accurate identification, notification, and guidance on threats and issues that are faced by these groups.

Academic Users -
Whether you need it for a class, research, or your own security, S?nnet Beskerming recognises that students, staff, and academic administrators have a unique focus. Accordingly, we have priced our services so that you can receive the best in available security advice and content without straining limited funds.

26 June 2007