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Unsolicited Contact

Have you received an email or telephone call from S?nnet Beskerming that appears to have been unsolicited? This page will provide you with reasons why that might be the case.

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Unsolicited Contact

Did We Contact You?

You have found this page either through a link in an email that we have sent to you or a mailing list that you read, or you have been digging around our site. Either way, welcome; this page will explain why you have been contacted by S?nnet Beskerming.

From time to time, S?nnet Beskerming researchers identify security breaches or other relevant security matters that have the potential to cause damages to companies and sites. In these situations it is company practice to notify the company or site whenever possible. Unfortunately, not all companies and websites make it easy for outside agencies to reach them and S?nnet Beskerming has to resort to the use of email or telpehone contacts that may not be the most appropriate for Security matters.

In other cases, where S?nnet Beskerming has not reported a vulnerability to you, the email is based on a personal introduction from someone who is associated with your organisation or who is in a position to introduce us to you.

In the final case, we already have an existing relationship and you have consented to receiving messages from us. The infrequency of the contact may have meant that you have forgotten that you have previously consented to the contact.

If you feel that our contact has been inappropriate, please let us know by emailing us at with details of the problem, and we will have someone attend to your concerns. We will make sure that you will receive no further unsolicited messages from us.

26 June 2007