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Innovation in Information Security

S?nnet Beskerming is committed to improving innovation and leadership in Information Security through the development of secure and reliable code.

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S?nnet Beskerming Code

S?nnet Beskerming is planning to release a number of in-house development tools to the wider development community under one of the various open licences. Use of these tools will be free for non-commercial use, with commercial users to pay a nominal fee for ongoing use and integration into their products.

Other code libraries that S?nnet Beskerming is planning to release include libraries that have been licenced from the Research & Development teams at Jongsma & Jongsma and will be released under a range of end-use licences. Some libraries will be made completely open under open licences, while others will be restricted to commercial licencing models only.

Release of code libraries that are open will be coordinated and managed through various relevant community code repositories.

26 June 2007