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If you don't have the expertise in-house, what better way to achieve your goals than to introduce S?nnet Beskerming Consulting services.

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Development Services

Note : Due to the advanced capabilities of the software under development and ready for commercialisation, copies of software destined for clients located outside of Australia may require specific Export licencing and clearance from the Commonwealth Government prior to sale.

S?nnet Beskerming Development Philosophy

S?nnet Beskerming development services were specifically established to develop and commercialise the research carried out by Jongsma & Jongsma. The applied research which has been licenced to date is a security software framework which is allowing rapid development of secure applications.

The growing importance to security for end users, should be represented with a greater importance of security by the developers of software. Web based applications are a special case, in that personal and sensitive information is being transmitted through a hostile environment, and any computer system connected to the internet is potentially exposing all the information stored on that system.

S?nnet Beskerming is working to develop solutions available to key market sectors which deliver on providing robust, secure information and data management, without the need to invest heavily in additional hardware. S?nnet Beskerming developers work hard to ensure that cross platform and operating system support is far in advance of anything that the competition can offer.

S?nnet Beskerming software is designed to run on all major systems without modification, meaning that if you decide to change your operating platform in the future, the S?nnet Beskerming software can follow - without the need for costly redevelopment. Similarly, if you choose to change database vendor then your S?nnet Beskerming software investment will manage the migration painlessly. Even if your art department runs a Macintosh environment, your R &D department runs Linux, and the sales staff runs Windows, S?nnet Beskerming software will operate equally on all systems, without loss of capability.

Recent electronic privacy legislation has been passed in many countries, now providing scope to prosecute companies which do not adhere to these laws. S?nnet Beskerming software has been designed to provide security of data to a level which may easily meet the requirements of these, and future, laws.

Just because you have a system already in place does not mean that you are protected as recent history has shown. The GCHQ (the United Kingdom's Communications Intelligence agency) recently found that even they had underestimated the power that the internet can bring to bear. The agency posted a number of perplexing cryptographic problems on its website, and was confident that the problems would prove a significant challenge to site visitors. However, the GCHQ received hundreds of responses with solutions to the problems, not what was expected. Also reported around the same time was news from the Canadian Defence Forces, which reported that hackers had penetrated its networks on a number of occasions in the previous 12 months.

Risks faced by smaller companies, and home users are massive, with many different worms and viruses attacking systems using different vectors. Newer viruses and worms use different techniques to avoid detection and removal, including hiding from antivirus software, disabling applications trying to kill them. Other worms exist to compromise systems and provide a zombie network for spewing spam and other nefarious uses. By compromising a computer, it exposes all information and usage of that system to people with less than ideal intentions, including organised crime interests. Keystroke loggers, designed to capture banking details, passwords and other sensitive information are appearing with increasing regularity on systems compromised by spyware, and these worms and viruses. Whenever a system is compromised by spyware, adware, worms or viruses, then all information and data on the system must be considered compromised and available at any time to someone with negative intentions for the data. Even governments are not above suspicion, as some recent hacker activity has been suspected to originate from the PLA (Chinese Army). Despite the obvious attempts to shore up the security of their airspace, the United States Government has admitted that their Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS II) is a failure, and has been scrapped in favour of an unannounced system. The inability to manage data effectively has seen the scrapping of the system which was designed to datamine multiple databases and apply weighting factors against individuals for terrorism risk.

That used to be the case. With S?nnet Beskerming software, the risks when a system is compromised are lessened. Vital information can be protected from prying eyes. The unique nature of computer based information means that someone can steal your data without taking your copy away from you, so you may never notice the loss. S?nnet Beskerming systems are developed with the aim of preventing the theft of your data, and if it is stolen, then it will not be in a usable format.

Security Software

Through the use of the security application framework from Jongsma &Jongsma , S?nnet Beskerming is able to provide workable security models that protect information at all levels of data handling, from the user through to the system level.

These security models are used as the basis for devloping security aware applications that also incorporate advanced administrative and management functions, along with graceful failure modes that keep data protected even when under attack with a safe, controlled access, multi-user environment.

Designed to be functional across multiple platforms and Operating System types with the same levels of protection, the new security models present a fantastic opportunity for innovative, flexible application development, allowing delivery of solutions that could not exist before.

Military Systems

Traditionally harbouring sensitive secrets, and the target of many very technically skilled hackers, military systems require superior protection systems and security capabilities. Current S?nnet Beskerming development is aimed at allowing safe transmission of sensitive data through the most hostile networks, and the secure storage of information on compromised systems.

Further to these capabilities, our work is designed to provide efficient integration of units and other elements with similar functional requirements and dependencies. Secure, workable, multi-user models are key to the success of these tools.

Designed for hostile environments, the graceful degradation of S?nnet Beskerming software while under attack is designed to not only provide a consistent interface for users, but also protect sensitive information while it does so.

Financial Data Security

If your company can not afford the negative press, loss of clients and financial cost of having credit card and identity information stolen from your databases, then S?nnet Beskerming has software solutions which take care of managing this risk. Identity thieves are joining forces with hackers to compromise sensitive company databases to secure information allowing them to carry out their fraud. Recent government action has made it more critical to prevent these chances from happening. Companies doing business with residents of the United States of America state of California have to notify (at their own cost) all residents of that state who may have had their identity / financial information compromised if their systems have been compromised.

Phishing is a serious problem that plagues online banking and other online finance services. Basically, it is a con attempt that is perpetrated through the use of email and fake pages that pretend to be a legitimate financial institution. A tool from S?nnet Beskerming, that has been specifically designed to overcome this threat, allows internet users to verify that the site they are logging into is the legitimate financial institution, and not a fake representation. In addition, the other data protection capabilities that S?nnet Beskerming solutions offer can be implemented to complement existing security, and help reduce the risk of financial fraud in the case of a network compromise, or data suck from the network communication.

Through careful design, the tool which allows site visitors to ensure that they are on the correct site can still allow login without using it. Further careful design means that it is near impossible for a phisher to actually capture the functionality of the tool through their spoof site, further providing trust to the site visitor that they are on the correct site.

Secure Voting Systems

While touted as being 'The next big thing', in practice the implementation of systems designed for online / electronic voting has been less than exemplary. Through the advanced research carried out by sibling company Jongsma &Jongsma , S?nnet Beskerming is in the envious position of being able to offer a workable electronic voting solution which is capable of operating in a polling station, or remote Internet based environment. The solutions offered by S?nnet Beskerming are capable of delivering reliable, secure, safe election results, with readily auditable mechanisms and procedures, and options for paper based redundancy systems.

All of these features are delivered in a system which is at least as secure as postal voting, and is able to withstand scrutiny. Current computer based voting systems continue to be sensitive topics of discussion, a situation that a S?nnet Beskerming solution can assist in overcoming.

Other Sectors

In addition to the above identified industry sectors, S?nnet Beskerming has development services focussing on delivering secure applications and secure data management and handling to meet specific business needs within those sectors.

The additional sectors, for which S?nnet Beskerming has workable solutions for, include:
Aviation - The leading application for this sector is the Minerva Aviation Resource Management Tool. Designed to completely integrate the various elements involved with maintaining flying operations, Minerva delivers high security for stored and managed data, and delivers it through an advanced, intuitive interface.
Corporate - Utilising the superior security application framework for securing and managing sensitive data, Corporate data protection and management tools can be rapidly developed to provide you with an immediate competitive advantage.
Medical - Possibly the only information more sensitive than financial identity data is personal medical information. Applications developed by S?nnet Beskerming can not only protect the electronic records, but also interpret and manage information direct from medical equipment, allowing you to reduce the opportunities for that information to be exposed across networks or through insecure systems.
Government - The significant amounts of data collated by government agencies are attractive targets to data thieves. The use of S?nnet Beskerming tools and applications can rapidly protect a lot of this data, and, in maturity, provide near total protection of this sensitive data.
Education - Tools and applications developed by S?nnet Beskerming can provide a key component of your efforts to efficiently manage privacy related information for minors, and identity data for students and staff. The use of software from S?nnet Beskerming can help avoid high profile media exposure following a network compromise.

26 June 2007