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Covering news on emerging threats, advice on good security practices, analysis, explanation of technical news items, and brief, accurate, non-biased synopsis of security-focussed technology trends, S?nnet Beskerming commentary is many things.

Whether you call it a blog, online journalism, or commentary on events, this is where you can find and search all relevant articles published by S?nnet Beskerming.

All articles will eventually be made available free of charge, however some content is initially only available to paying subscribers.

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Spit Leads to Dummy Spit For TechCrunch Founder
Posted in: Information Security
Michael Arrington, founder and co-editor of major online blog, TechCrunch, has taken the online equivalent of a dummy spit after being spat on at the DLD Conference in Germany and is going to be taking the next few weeks away from his laptop and iPhone (of course, he just has to cover the World Econ....
Posted: 29 January 2009 18:36

2009 To Be The Year Of...
Posted in: Information Security
If 2009 is going to be the year of anything, it may as well be the year of data loss, which conveniently has also been every year for the last few years.

Around the time of the inauguration of President Obama, came news of what could be the largest single breach of credit card information to date....
Posted: 27 January 2009 21:18

Arrested for Being Critical of Government Policy
Posted in: Information Security
The AFP has reported on an interesting case in South Korea, where a blogger was arrested for critical commentary he had posted about the economic decisions of the South Korean government.

Although it isn't unheard of for people to be arrested for what they post online, especially where that infor....
Posted: 12 January 2009 21:08

SSL Certificates Not as Safe as Once Thought
Posted in: Information Security
Over time, security practices that were once thought to be safe change. Many years ago it was believed that viruses could not propagate through email, images, or web pages attack your system or network. Those beliefs have all been shown to be inaccurate as attack methods evolve and researchers dis....
Posted: 9 January 2009 22:15

Microsoft's January Patch Release Advance Notice
Posted in: Information Security
In the first security bulletin for 2009, Microsoft are scheduled to release a single Critical Patch, according to the Advance Notification that was recently published.

The patch to be issued next week is for a Remote Code Execution vulnerability that affects the core Windows system and is Critica....
Posted: 9 January 2009 21:07

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