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Covering news on emerging threats, advice on good security practices, analysis, explanation of technical news items, and brief, accurate, non-biased synopsis of security-focussed technology trends, S?nnet Beskerming commentary is many things.

Whether you call it a blog, online journalism, or commentary on events, this is where you can find and search all relevant articles published by S?nnet Beskerming.

All articles will eventually be made available free of charge, however some content is initially only available to paying subscribers.

Available entries
Microsoft Releases Out-of-Cycle Security Patch
Posted in: Information Security
It didn't take long for Microsoft to release an Out-of-Cycle security bulletin for the Internet Explorer 6 and 7 Critical vulnerability that was publicly disclosed in early March.

With a Critical Bulletin being released, Microsoft is addressing not only the vulnerability being publicly exploited,....
Posted: 30 March 2010 19:22

Google Takes the Tiger by the Tail
Posted in: Information Security
Google's stoush with China has taken another dramatic turn, with Google redirecting Chinese search users to the Hong Kong Google page. Critically, the Hong Kong page is not censored, or at least it is not censored to the extent the Chinese search page and results were. To highlight the level of bl....
Posted: 23 March 2010 21:54

SecurityFocus No Longer Publishing InfoSec News
Posted in: Information Security
Over time sites grow and shrink in popularity and usefulness, either the userbase moves on to something else, or the site changes what it offers. In the last couple of weeks, the news section of Information Security stalwart, SecurityFocus, was shut down as site owners, Symantec, made a move to con....
Posted: 23 March 2010 21:35

New Public Vulnerability Affects Internet Explorer 6 and 7 Users
Posted in: Information Security
Last week Microsoft announced that a new threat faces Internet Explorer 6 and 7 users. This publicly disclosed vulnerability, now with readily available exploit samples, allows for remote code execution within the rights of the current user.

The vulnerability lies within the iepeers.dll lbrary, ....
Posted: 14 March 2010 16:59

Microsoft Security Patch Release March 2010 Advance Notification
Posted in: Information Security
In February, Microsoft released a massive thirteen security bulletins, after January's single bulletin. This month, there are only two security bulletins expected, at least according to the Advance Notification that they have released for next week's bulletins.

Both bulletins are rated as Import....
Posted: 7 March 2010 01:43

Internet Explorer, Help files, and VBScript - Remote Code Execution Allowed
Posted in: Information Security
Microsoft have recently identified an odd vulnerability that utilises VBScript via Internet Explorer to run arbitrary code, all through seemingly-innocuous help files.

From Microsoft's Advisory, any successful exploit requires user interaction, getting the user to press the F1 key after being pro....
Posted: 3 March 2010 01:40

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