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A Rebirth

After taking a break from routine Information Security reporting and analysis, S?nnet Beskerming is returning to regular reporting on news that otherwise might be missed, independent analysis of existing news coverage, and original research from within the company.

In the years that we have been reporting and analysing the world of Information Security, the need for secure systems and data sources has increased in public awareness, and there have been many sources of information and analysis that have been made available to the public. Unfortunately, even with this greater understanding and available resources, historical issues continue to cause problems for developers and companies. It is still all too easy to take shortcuts when developing services and products that lead to the same vulnerabilities being present in new offerings that existed in products from a decade ago or longer. Even companies that specialise in the provision of Information Security services and products are not above being vulnerable. Snake oil is unfortunately still an all too common product in the Information Security sector.

While S?nnet Beskerming is increasing the level of its reporting on Information Security matters, we have ceased the free reporting on Microsoft's monthly security patches. That information is still available to our valued clients, but it is one of the free services that we had to withdraw.

As with Information Technology before it, there has been a commoditisation of Information Security products and services and it is a trend that is only likely to continue in the future. Consolidation of services amongst major providers has accompanied this move, so it has made the identification of available options a little easier. It remains a difficult and broad field to master and we look forward to bringing you our insight and experience for a long time to come.

21 February 2011

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