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Covering news on emerging threats, advice on good security practices, analysis, explanation of technical news items, and brief, accurate, non-biased synopsis of security-focussed technology trends, S?nnet Beskerming commentary is many things.

Whether you call it a blog, online journalism, or commentary on events, this is where you can find and search all relevant articles published by S?nnet Beskerming.

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Available entries
Ups and Downs of Information Security
Posted in: Information Security
In the space of the last several days, there have been a number of Information Security incidents which haven't always resulted in the best possible outcome for the Information Security companies involved.

Starting off the period was Symantec's inadvertent alert of a Level 4 threat based on infor....
Posted: 29 September 2007 18:47

A Second Internet Bubble
Posted in: Information Security
Doomsayers have been forecasting for months that the very large sums of money being paid for various Web 2.0 companies is leading to an Internet Bubble 2.0. Rupert Murdoch's purchase of MySpace, Google's purchase of DoubleClick, and the subsequent rush for online advertisers was seen by many to be ....
Posted: 29 September 2007 18:01

Worm Creator Offered job by Company Affected by his Worm
Posted in: Information Security
An incident in China has opened up the old argument of ethics versus behaviour when the recently-imprisoned author of the whboy Windows worm was offered a number of positions from companies affected by the worm that he had written. Li Jun, an out of work developer wrote the worm (described as China....
Posted: 29 September 2007 12:28

iPhone Update Locks Unlocked Phones
Posted in: Information Security
Apple's recent iPhone Update update has been confirmed by numerous sources to re-lock iPhones that have been unlocked by users, and to reset phones that have third party software installed (but which are not unlocked). In amongst the security fixes provided by the update (Safari, Mail, and BlueToot....
Posted: 29 September 2007 12:06

Guessing at Compromised host Numbers
Posted in: Information Security
The fine art of pulling numbers from your nether regions.

After much waiting by end users, and a lot of hoping from interested Information Security watchers, Microsoft has finally added detection for the Storm Trojan (Nuwar, Zhelatin, etc) to their Malicious Software Removal Tool. The most rece....
Posted: 23 September 2007 01:09

New PDF Scare, or Known Issue?
Posted in: Information Security
One of the problems with the field of Information Security is that information about vulnerabilities and concepts tends to get published so rapidly that it is possible to miss large swathes of reporting and investigative work being carried out.

When pdp and the team at GnuCitizen recently publish....
Posted: 22 September 2007 18:24

Unlocking the iPhone - do it too Often and Brick it?
Posted in: Information Security
After the big rush to establish automated iPhone unlocking tools several different solutions emerged, which gained various levels of media and industry attention. One of the primary teams behind the initial push to unlock the iPhone have continued to improve their early work, including releasing a ....
Posted: 21 September 2007 18:42

Torrent-spiking Company Loses Email via Torrent
Posted in: Information Security
Via news at TorrentFreak, it seems that MediaDefender has become the subject of what could be the biggest BitTorrent leak to date. Apparently, more than 700 MB of internal email (almost 9 months worth, with the most recent from September 2007) from the company was leaked to the Internet after an em....
Posted: 16 September 2007 23:39

When Security Products Weaken Security
Posted in: Information Security
It is almost becoming normal for malware to target a range of antivirus and antimalware products as part of the infection routine, preventing them from accessing definitions updates, preventing them from accessing the vendor's website, or even terminating any running process associated with protecti....
Posted: 16 September 2007 09:24

The Definition of Irony
Posted in: Information Security
Despite being one of the most targeted spam products, it seems that spammers can't get enough of Viagra (made by Pfizer) and other associated drugs. In an ironic twist, spammers have been using systems within Pfizer's network to send out Viagra spam, at least according to Support Intelligence - the....
Posted: 12 September 2007 01:37

Hiding in Plain Sight
Posted in: Information Security
In an article over at, it is being reported that the French are threatening to release ephemeris data on secret US satellites, if the US doesn't stop publishing ephemeris data on sensitive French satellites.

One of the problems with trying to keep the presence of a satellite in space a ....
Posted: 10 September 2007 08:09

Microsoft September Security Patch Advance Notification
Posted in: Information Security
Microsoft's Security Response Center has provided advanced notification of the patches that are expected for release next week as part of the September Security Patch Release.

Each of the five patches scheduled for release next Tuesday are for a different system component:

*One Critical ....
Posted: 8 September 2007 01:27

Followup on the Trust Broker Problem
Posted in: Information Security
Our recent post on the Bank of India hack drew some heated defence from some of the trust broking vendors whose products failed to adequately identify the attack, some even going so far as to claim our original article was inaccurate.

With one particular vendor, it seems that their system would t....
Posted: 3 September 2007 12:18

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