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Covering news on emerging threats, advice on good security practices, analysis, explanation of technical news items, and brief, accurate, non-biased synopsis of security-focussed technology trends, S?nnet Beskerming commentary is many things.

Whether you call it a blog, online journalism, or commentary on events, this is where you can find and search all relevant articles published by S?nnet Beskerming.

All articles will eventually be made available free of charge, however some content is initially only available to paying subscribers.

Available entries
Microsoft Pulls Vista SP1 - Wait, no they Don't
Posted in: Information Security
Last week Microsoft pulled a pre-requisite update for Vista systems (required before they can install Service Pack 1) while they investigate the cause of a number of serious system failures that have been attributed to the update (KB information here.

This was misinterpreted by some to be Microso....
Posted: 25 February 2008 00:05

Advertising Poisons Major British Media Site
Posted in: Information Security
Any time that a site loads external content in their main pages there is a risk of something going wrong. Probably the worst thing that could go wrong is some of this content attempting to take control over the systems belonging to site visitors. This is a risk that has been covered here before, b....
Posted: 24 February 2008 23:16

SmugMug Fixes many Problems, Leaves Others open
Posted in: Information Security
Earlier this month we published an previous article about a competition that was being run by the operators of the SmugMug photo sharing website, where they would pay people up to $599.99 USD if they were able to retrieve the original image that was hidden behind the site's protective measures. Whi....
Posted: 20 February 2008 02:35

Ignominious Irony
Posted in: Information Security
A new addition to the website defacement archive maintained by Zone-h could be the very definition of the term irony.

Devoted to the archiving and tracking of XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerabilities across the Internet, found itself temporarily the victim of a hole in its own site. ....
Posted: 19 February 2008 22:06

Sometimes Things just Break
Posted in: Information Security
For the last several days it has almost been impossible to get away from the news of numerous undersea telecommunications cables serving the middle east and sub-continent regions having been cut in a relatively short period of time.

Rather than just being passed off as a coincidence that four cab....
Posted: 9 February 2008 22:50

Microsoft Security Patch Advance Notification January 2008
Posted in: Information Security
For the February 2008 monthly security patch release, Microsoft is planning to release twelve patches, seven Critical and five Important.

With the Critical patches, vulnerabilities with Windows, Office, Visual Basic, VBScript, JScript, and Internet Explorer (cumulative update) will be patched. T....
Posted: 9 February 2008 12:35

A thin line Between Challenge and Exploitation
Posted in: Information Security
Yet another 'challenge' of the form of 'break into our website for free, tell us exactly how you did it, and we might pay you a token amount' has been found on the web, only this time there were quite a number of serious holes found rather early in the process. Even though the main challenge still ....
Posted: 5 February 2008 13:08

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