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Geocities Finally Deleted From Internet

After fifteen years of service, the venerable Geocities has finally closed. Geocities' closure had been announced six months ago, so last week's closure was the culmination of that process.

In the fifteen years since it first appeared, the Internet has progressed rapidly to bigger and better things, but there is still a special place for many people for the site that allowed them, a regular user, to be able to have a definable place on the Internet that was theirs. Blogs, MySpace pages, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a host of other social networking sites have effectively replaced Geocities and similar sites (Angelfire, Tripod, others) for allowing people to create their own definable space on the Internet. ISPs still provide personal webspace, much as they did around the time that Geocities became popular, but it never really entered the popular imagination in the way that Geocities did.

While many of the pages that Geocities ended up with were an assault on the eyes, it did lead many to learn at least rudimentary HTML, JavaScript and CSS skills in order to make what they had created more appealing and more user friendly.

As the Geocities data has now been deleted from Yahoo's servers, all that remains of Geocities is what various archiving sites were able to extract prior to the closure.

Who knows what the next major community site to close completely will be. Many once popular and heavily-trafficed sites have faded to a mere shadow of what they once were, but it may be some time before another significant chunk of Internet history is deleted as Geocities has been.

2 November 2009

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