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Security for All

S?nnet Beskerming is a company with a focus and a drive to provide Information Security services for all those who want to stay safe and secure in an online world.

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Security From the Shadows

A truly effective security system is not noticed until it prevents an attack. S?nnet Beskerming specialises in providing functional Information Security guidance and solutions that quietly protect clients against threats to their systems and data, using a blend of advanced Information Security research and product development to create a holistic protection model.

Advanced research capabilities that have been developed and refined over a number of years mean that S?nnet Beskerming is one of the quickest global responders to new threats and industry trends. Matching the self-proclaimed market leaders for timeliness in delivery of Security advice and notification, S?nnet Beskerming consistently delivers results that are sometimes months ahead of other sources.

S?nnet Beskerming do not restrict the focus of their services to only one operating system or hardware platform, which allows you an equal level of service even if you do not run the leading Operating Systems or hardware platforms.

Having as little as a few hours warning is enough to protect your systems against rapidly emerging threats. Some of the most prolific worms and viruses in existence can infect all vulnerable systems within a matter of hours, so every second counts.

Not many people can afford to be dedicated full time to searching and identifying Information Security threats, and so find out once something bad has already happened to their systems. Let S?nnet Beskerming use their resources to bring you this information before you find it out the hard way.

Subscribers to just one of S?nnet Beskerming's mailing lists provide Information Security advice, guidance and support to more than 400 million people globally. Subscription to this list is free, and all messages are unencumbered by advertising. It provides advice and content in a clear, readable format that is as useful to the non-technical reader as it is to the technical support staff.

Providing up to the minute news on emerging threats, advice on good security practices, analysis and explanation of technical news items which may have an impact on your future IT purchases, and collation and distillation of multiple news sources to provide you with a brief, accurate, non-biased synopsis of technology trends, with a focus on security, the S?nnet Beskerming mailing list is an essential strategic addition to your business.

If you think that you have what it takes to be a part of such an innovative, driven company, feel free to take a look at our current employment opportunities on our employment page.

6 December 2006