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Security for All

Sûnnet Beskerming is a company with a focus and a drive to provide Information Security services for all those who want to stay safe and secure in an online world.

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About Us

Founded primarily to develop and commercialise research carried out by Jongsma & Jongsma Pty. Ltd., a related Research & Development firm specialising in software and related technology research; S?nnet Beskerming Pty. Ltd. has grown to encompass independent development services, Information Technology consultancy and Information Security consultancy and services.

S?nnet Beskerming is a Global Services company, committed to delivering strong results through efficient, discreet services which allow clients who are sensitive about their situation to remain out of public sight. Our onsite teams consist of highly trained, professional, disciplined personnel who possess significant real world experience and training. Our teams are dedicated to making your life easier, allowing you to realise the efficiency gains that introducing computers to the workplace was supposed to deliver.

With a home base in the greater Adelaide region, South Australia, S?nnet Beskerming is perfectly placed to provide total coverage to clients across Australia, and the World. S?nnet Beskerming personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to respond to the first sign of trouble across client networks. With a broad experience base to draw upon, our staff are able to provide unique, innovative solutions that integrate well with existing systems and workflows.

Even when not working on a client's project, our personnel continue their own professional development and continue to develop and refine security products developed by S?nnet Beskerming. This allows us to deliver support personnel and onsite teams that are composed of people with the most current knowledge possible, streamlining problem analysis and rectification.

6 December 2006