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Malware Doing its Best not to Meet you

It might seem somewhat of an obvious article but a recent piece published by The Register is a useful reminder for those who may not have considered that malware authors do their best to ensure their new releases are as undetectable as possible, including testing against known versions of antivirus and antimalware software.

In addition to included routines that disable existing protection software suites, the intent of modern malware is often to gain as quiet a foothold on a system as is possible and maintain that presence for as long as possible, all the while continuing with the activity it was designed to do. This is the greatest challenge facing the antivirus and antimalware industry, how to keep up with modern malware, especially when a significant percentage disables antivirus / antimalware software early in the infection cycle and there is enough concern about the quality of coding of these protective tools to allow the careful malware author to almost completely evade detection (enough for practical purposes).

With greater coverage of varied network probing and data recovery techniques, and the certainty that there are many more to come, the modern network-based threat can come from any direction and be almost impossible to detect (at least it would be if you listened to some people).

6 March 2008

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