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PHP Updates to 5.2.6

The PHP Group released version 5.2.6 of the popular scripting language earlier this month. While there were more than 100 bugs fixed with this update, there were several critical security vulnerabilities patched that make updating essential for any administrators or users currently using the 5.x branch of PHP (if you're still stuck using 4.x or earlier you should really consider updating your installation).

Several memory leaks, buffer overflows, safe mode bypasses, and multi-byte character handling are amongst the issues addressed by this update, which is the first one to be released in six months by the PHP Group. Although there are probably many more security vulnerabilities yet to be found or patched (just see Stefan Esser's work, which has been somewhat quiet since the end of last year), the significant number of bugs patched is a continuing good sign from a project that has come under fire in the past for having a mixed approach to the security of their main product.

8 May 2008

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