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Website Defacement Group Arrested After Going too far

Most website defacement groups are regarded as more of a nuisance than a major threat. While they cost site operators and maintainers valuable time and resources to recover damaged sections of their sites and patch the entry points, generally the only damage done is to place a page on the site to proclaim the technical prowess of the group, before they run off and self-report to the World's largest online defacement archive, at Zone-H.

Sometimes the groups go too far for comfort for authorities. Defacements of sites belonging to government agencies or bodies have their own special place in the Zone-H archive, but most of the time these defacements are treated exactly the same as for non-government sites - as a nuisance.

For one Spanish group, hacking a Spanish political site was the one step too far for comfort, eventually resulting in their arrest. Spanish sites weren't the only sites that they defaced, with numerous US sites, including NASA sites, on their list of defacements recorded at Zone-H.

18 May 2008

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