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External RSS Management Migrations

From the time that Google acquired FeedBurner in 2007, there has been a slow but ongoing push to move services across to Google-hosted equivalents. As of this weekend, specifically February 28, it is expected that FeedBurner accounts will have been completely moved across to Google Accounts and that users of FeedBurner who have not yet established a Google account and moved their feeds across will find that they will no longer be able to access their FeedBurner accounts.

While Google have stated that they intend to keep the link available for existing feeds ("for as long as this service exists"), it is recommended that feeds are updated where possible to reflect the new home for feeds - Users who have not created a Google Account or otherwise ensured that their feeds have been moved to their Google account (automatic for most users), then they will probably find their feeds returning 404 or 301 errors whenever the feeds are attempted to be accessed - starting from this weekend.

Some feed operators will find that the loss of Site Stats (visitors) and FeedBurner Networks will have a detrimental effect on the level of service they get from the now fully Google-absorbed feed delivery system. Google has retired the FeedBurner Network feature due to poor usage rates, however FeedBurner Network operators have had a significant period of time to migrate their networks to other systems. Competition from standalone feed aggregators and feed readers, as well as flexible online management tools (including the powerful Yahoo! Pipes product) are possible reasons why FeedBurner Networks never really took off like it was hoped, though there were some high quality Networks that were created and actively used.

S?nnet Beskerming will soon be updating the RSS feed address for the primary company feeds to reflect their new home at, though we will continue to ensure that the old FeedBurner address is supported for several more days. Most reader applications and integration tools will automatically update to the new address, especially with the replication across to the old addresses, however it is more efficient to point to the actual hosting location and not a redirected or mirrored site. It will also mean that if and when Google shut down the FeedBurner domain that S?nnet Beskerming feeds will continue to be available without disruption.

New feed locations are as follows:

26 February 2009

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