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Microsoft Money Joins Encarta on the Scrapheap

Following their decision earlier this year to cut Encarta from their product line, Microsoft have announced that they will be ceasing production and sale of Microsoft Money (now Microsoft Money Plus) from June 30 this year. Affected products are all of the Microsoft Money family (Essentials, Plus Deluxe, Plus Premium, Plus Home & Business).

Citing increasing competition from banks, brokerage firms, and websites as viable options for traditional Money customers, Microsoft stopped providing annual updates last year, and will stop all online services by January 31, 2011. Reading deeper into the linked FAQ it clearly states that Microsoft Money products can not be activated or reactivated after January 31, 2011. This means that after that date if the system running Microsoft Money is replaced, or the software is otherwise transferred to a new system, it will not and can not be activated.

End users purchasing the software between now and the end of the month need to be aware that the effective life of their software could be eighteen months, and that they need to have alternate plans for handling their financial data after that date. If the system running Microsoft Money continues to operate happily beyond that point, the loss of online functionality can be largely replaced by manual updates of tax and stock quote data, but this does limit the effectiveness of the product.

11 June 2009

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