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So You Want More?

S?nnet Beskerming is happy to provide you with materials and documentation that can be downloaded, printed out, read off line, shared around and discussed. You can find all of that here, on this page.

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Here you will be able to find a brochure or two on all of our popular services and products, as well as basic company introductory brochures. If there is something that you want that isn't adequately covered by the below material, please let us know.

Company Operations

So, you want to know more about S?nnet Beskerming and its activities, and you've covered the site from top to bottom, but still want more. The following three brochures should meet that need and serve as an excellent introduction to company capabilities and services for those who otherwise haven't heard of us.

Premium Services

Patch Briefings

Do you need or want to know what is in those security patches that your system is bugging you to install on a monthly, or infrequent, basis? This solution provides guidance on what exactly is in each patch, and what you should be aware of as you install it on your system.

Generic Advisory Service

Know before anyone else. S?nnet Beskerming's dedicated researchers hunt out the latest Information security threats and issues before they turn into active attacks and problems for end users. This service covers all major threats that are detected, and provides recipients with an early detection and mitigation mechanism - protecting against when the threats become attacks.

Focussed Advisory Service

Deriving from the Generic Advisory Service, the Focussed service provides a special focus on what is going to affect you and your systems, by specifically hunting down and notifying threats that are likely to impact you.

Site Guardian

Much like a Focussed Advisory Service for your website. Keep up to date on what the latest known vulnerabilities are with your website software, what the emerging attack techniques are (and how to defend against them), and be notified within 12 hours of an attack against your site (some options include forensics followup and investigation).

26 June 2007