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Exploits are already circulating for the May 2007 Microsoft Security Patches

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Windows News

As being reported by the ISC, official support from Microsoft for the Windows 2003 operating system has been ended, but only for the SP0 version (i.e. straight out of the box, with no patches or Service Packs applied). While it is unlikely that there will be many systems that are still at SP0 (although we do know of some production systems that are in this configuration), it is an important change to take note of, especially as the most recent system patches (from earlier this week) will not install if the system is still at SP0.

Other changes that have recently happened with Windows is a fix has been released by Microsoft that allows iPod owners to safely eject their players from a Windows Vista system. Previously, users were at risk of corrupting data on their iPod, even if they followed the recommended procedure for removing the device from their computer.

Exploits have already begun circulating for some of the vulnerabilities patched this week by Microsoft (at least exploits for vulnerabilities that didn't already have exploits circulating). If users have not applied the patches, it is critical that they apply them as soon as possible.

11 May 2007

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