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Apple Busy in Otherwise Quiet Security Period

Although there has been no reporting over the last few days, S?nnet Beskerming staff have continued to track and monitor information security sources while the United States observed Memorial Day, and the UK observed the Spring Bank Holiday.

Following the return to work for these major markets, most news reporting covered material that has previously been covered by S?nnet Beskerming analysis and coverage, including material that was several weeks or months old.

Even though there was a slow period over the last few days some companies still found the time to make significant security-related releases. Apple have released their fifth combined security update for the year, and have also released a separate update for QuickTime, today.

For some researchers, this release process by Apple can not come fast enough. In the words of one:

"...I use apple products enough that little by little I'm hoping I can help to nudge their priorities towards implimenting[sic] some defense in depth on their platform, cause[sic] right now, from a security standpoint they are way behind MS.."

This comment was made by Mike Lynn, previously better known for his disclosure of Cisco software related threats at DefCon. The increased focus from a noted security researcher on the Apple Macintosh platform should result in improved security results for Apple customers.

31 May 2007

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