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.ANI Vulnerability Still Causing Problems

As reported by eWeek, it appears that the .ANI vulnerability recently patched by Microsoft in an out-of-cycle patch is still causing problems for Internet users. In this particular case, it was a major website that was affected - Tom's Hardware.

When the .wmf vulnerability was a major concern a couple of years ago, many feared that the greatest threat to Internet users would come from compromised advertising hosts, who then provided malicious images to legitimate sites as part of their advertising programs. This would have the effect of a trusted site infecting users, by way of their advertising provider.

With the infected image being provided to site visitors for 24 hours, at least 100,000 hits on the infected image are likely to have happened (based on 5 million hits per month).

Incidents such as this highlight the difficulties of identifying 'good' from 'bad' sites, and the problems that applications such as SiteAdvisor face when trying to determine the difference (and also what happens when a 'good' site is 'bad', even if only for a very short period).

13 May 2007

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