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PirateBay Attacked

According to a recent post on the PirateBay blog, an attacker was able to successfully attack and compromise the popular Torrent site, making off with the complete list of user accounts and hashed passwords.

Although it would be very difficult to recover the passwords (especially if they have been salted and hashed using an effective algorithm), the site operators are encouraging users to update their account details and change their passwords used to access the site.

The site operators claim to already know who compromised the site, and how they achieved the attack (it helps that they left a fairly public calling card).

Due to the general illegality of the material linked to on the site (although the .torrent files are actually hosted there, a .torrent file only points to a number of systems that are actually hosting the desired content), it is unlikely that any formal investigation will be undertaken to recover any damages, or for compensation.

12 May 2007

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