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PS3 Hack Spreads, Sony Update Kills It

Although Sony has been successful in suppressing the sale of the PSJailbreak devices in Australia for the time being, detailed information about the processes involved in the hack has now lead to multiple alternative hacks surfacing.

With exploit code now freely available and being ported to numerous platforms (mobile phones, for example), Sony essentially faces an insurmountable task to suppress the information and distribution of devices at this point. So long as Sony can address the particular method employed to mod the console (i.e. specific USB capabilities) there is still scope for them to remove the ability to mod via a firmware update. A downside to this approach is that it could break the functionality of their own test jig, which achieves similar results and is used by authorised repairers on faulty consoles.

It didn't take very long for Sony to deliver their response, in the form of firmware version 3.42, which has been confirmed to prevent PSJailbreak and its variants from working. Now that the firmware update has been delivered, the exploit developers are either going to have to accept a console that can't access the PSN (given 3.42's status as a mandatory update), or find another means to gain control of the console.

7 September 2010

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