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On the Internet, Everyone Hates you

Our recent article about the difficulty of determining the source of vulnerabilities has drawn some complaint - from the researcher who was responsible for discovering the iPhone Safari problem.

To clear up the confusion for anybody who is still wondering what is going on, the complaint centres on two elements:

This isn't the first time that a company or individual has taken umbrage at the information that we have published, and it's sure to not be the last.

Before anybody decides to start slandering us or attacking us for our reporting, stop and think about what we have written. In all of the cases to date, the information presented has been accurate (at least at the time of reporting for volatile information) and the slander has been meritless.

We welcome the sort of discussion and debate that our commentary can initiate (including a fair amount of criticism of our approaches), but when it crosses into slander we are quick to defend our rights.

If you find yourself in a similar position in the future (where you hate what we do and are ready to slander us), please contact us privately before you slander us publicly so that any potential misunderstanding can be cleared up rather than having to be aired in public.

8 October 2007

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