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PhD Student Claims 200x Improvement for Copper Broadband

A article is claiming that an Australian PhD graduate has achieved the seemingly-impossible by developing algorithms to allow a speed gain of up to 200 times over the limit of current copper broadband networks.

It is claimed that the performance increase obtained through the developed algorithms could see speeds of up to 250 megabits per second being reached across copper lines that are currently carrying between one and 20 megabits per second. In basic terms, that is equivalent to transferring a full dual layer DVD of data in less than five minutes.

With patent applications in the works, Dr John Papandriopoulos could soon find himself the focus of a number of very interested networking companies and government agencies interested in wringing more performance from existing network infrastructure. Recognition is already being received for the work, with Dr John receiving a Chancellor's Prize for Excellence for his work - work that apparently only took a year to complete.

What allows the enormous increase in performance is a set of algorithms that reduce the impact and levels of interference / cross talk that competing data streams on the same physical copper line encounter, effectively allowing for greater throughput.

If this technology reaches maturity, it could be another reason for customers to be annoyed at the loss of their copper services when they have had fibre optic services installed. If the research is also applicable to fibre optic networks, it will have significant effects on what bandwidth is available for consumption for some time to come.

24 October 2007

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