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Free Kevin's Website

Even notoriety as a hacker and social engineer (con artist) isn't enough to keep people from trying to hack you, as well-known hacker Kevin Mitnick found out today when he had his site defaced.

This sort of bravado is fairly standard fare for website defacers, but at least this particular attacker was kind enough to leave a .gzipped copy of the original site to help Mitnick recover his original site.

Fortunately for Mitnick's customers and site visitors, the damage was repaired fairly quickly, with the site back to normal operations.

For the interested, this was the text placed on the defaced site:

OMG !! [y0] g0t OWNED ?!

What a pity security specialists!!

The security level: %0

Stupidity level: %99

22 October 2007

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