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Seasons Greetings

With the Christmas season well and truly underway, all of us here at S?nnet Beskerming would like to take the opportunity to wish all of our clients and visitors a happy and safe holiday period.

Even if you are taking an extended break over this time, it is important to remember that attacks will still take place, discoveries will still be made, and that when you come back from your break, it might be to a different security picture to the one that you left.

Already this month Microsoft has released a Critical out of cycle patch for Internet Explorer, undersea cables have been cut, leading to significant connection problems for a large number of global Internet users, and a number of countries are pushing ahead with national Internet filtering programs of dubious effectiveness.

Who knows what 2009 is going to bring? If it is going to be anything like 2008, then it is doubtless going to be an interesting period for Information Security. As the financial crisis deepens there are going to be more losses of personal data (and more that take place without the knowledge of the data owners / holders), and there are no doubt going to be a number of very large botnets that are dragged out of the shadows into public scrutiny. On the desktop and on the network, the battle between protecting systems and data and those trying to break in will continue to be a difficult one. Heuristics will continue to be more important in not just antimalware / antivirus software, but also across more Information Security tools. There will still be cases where protective software goes haywire and takes out system components.

Whatever happens, S?nnet Beskerming will be there to help you with your Information Security needs.

23 December 2008

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