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Firewall Vendor Steps up After BlackICE Discontinued

After security vendor ISS was purchased by IBM, many thought that their popular software firewall BlackICE would continue as a leading product, especially with the resources of IBM to help sustain development and support of the software.

That situation has now changed, with IBM Internet Security Systems announcing that BlackICE PC / Server Protection has now reached End of Sale (EOS), with the End of Life (EOL) for the products to come on September 29, 2008. What this means is that as of September 17, 2007, consumers are no longer able to purchase new copies of the above BlackICE products, and that existing customers will no longer be able to access support for their installed versions after the 29th of September next year.

With the cancellation of these products coming as somewhat of a surprise, at least one firewall vendor has already made a move to provide services to the BlackICE userbase.

Florida-based antimalware vendor, SunBelt Software has created an online program at where current BlackICE users can obtain a free copy of the Sunbelt Personal Firewall product (formerly the Kerio Personal Firewall), along with complimentary support and updates for 12 months.

Although no end-date has been identified for this offer, SunBelt have identified that it is only available for a limited time.

3 August 2007

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