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Growing Concern Over User-Space Worms

Almost every antimalware and antivirus vendor has been running at full speed over the last few weeks, trying to keep pace with the rapidly evolving Zhelatin / Storm worm. Not only have the worm variants been modifying their downloaded executable files in a largely-successful attempt to bypass antivirus detection, but the delivery format for the worm has also moved, from eCard spam to a broad range of potential message types and formats and type of site being coerced into hosting the malware.

At one stage the ISC reported that the worm was changing variant every 30 minutes with only a moderate level of successful detection by antimalware / antivirus software.

More recently, the Chinese Internet Security Response Team have raised their threat level to medium based on three rapidly spreading variants of a worm targeting MSN users in China. This recently emerging threat is likely to cause problems for users of MSN services but is unlikely to reach the penetration of Storm Worm or other multiplatform / general worms.

With some observers declaring the current state of malware infections and infection attempts as a lost cause, it is beginning to sound a lot like other predictions of doom and gloom (about 1/3 of the way into the article). There are solutions and ways to address this problem and by reading this you are taking a very big step towards not only educating yourself about the risks, but also continuing on the path to finding a solution that meets your needs.

23 August 2007

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