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Complete Control of the iPhone Steps Closer

After a period of relatively light Information Security news (everybody must have been sleeping off Black Hat and DefCon), disclosure and the publication of new research has ramped up in intensity again.

One of the projects that has attracted a lot of attention over the last month has been the efforts by a range of hackers to open up the iPhone for general usage and interaction. At the latest update (here), the hackers were looking into the methods available to unlock the features of the S-Gold2 chip.

Since that update, it was announced that the hackers had successfully been able to dump the contents of the memory from the chip to their systems.

Due to the illegal dump that they now have the hackers have decided against releasing the complete source code or their copy of the memory dump, though they have released a binary version of the software tool used to achieve the task - with full source code to be released at a later date.

These advances come as other researchers busily work on introducing enhanced functionality to the iPhone, including applications as diverse as a NES emulator.

A number of interested developers are watching the latest research closely, hoping that Apple follows their earlier example when they released their BootCamp software after a number of hackers were able to dual boot their new Intel-based Macintosh machines into Windows and OS X. An officially-supported SDK for the iPhone is something that a lot of people are looking forward to.

10 August 2007

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