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Rumours of eEye's Death Greatly Exaggerated

After recent rumours of the possible imminent demise of eEye (covered here), the CEO of eEye has come out on record as saying that eEye is quite happily continuing along their current path and they are not looking to be bought out or otherwise cease operating in their current format.

Several of the reasons why the rumour mill began working in overdrive regarding eEye's future was the relatively small presence at this year's Black Hat / DefCon conferences, the sudden departure of their previous CEO, and a round of significant layoffs from within their primary technical department (Engineering, coincidentally also the largest part of the company).

Citing their excellent service provision to major customers, eEye's CEO suggested that maybe the reason why the rumours took such a good hold was that as part of servicing their major clients, they (eEye) had to take resources away from other market opportunities and this is what the rest of the industry was observing.

A large part of the remaining rumours may be addressed by the fact that the company is moving towards consolidating their sales and marketing base, making it a more important element within the company. This can be interpreted by some as a loss of focus as there have been plenty of companies that suddenly lost their ability to survive when shifting from a technical to a sales focus, including layoffs from within the technical areas of the company.

22 August 2007

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